Insulated Glass

ScottAlbinGlassInsulatedGlass Insulated Glass | Reading, Allentown & Pottstown, PennsylvaniaInsulated glass units last for a very long time, but the seal between the two panes of insulated glass sometimes do fail. This causes the inner surface between the two pieces of insulated glass to fog up. This of course does not look good but more importantly an insulated unit with a broken seal loses its insulating properties and temperature transfer between the two sides of the glass happen more readily. If this happens, in most cases only the glass portion of the window can be changed, leaving the frame intact.

When replacing glass products, attention should be towards the type of glass being replaced. Whether the glass is tempered or laminated, and finally the thickness of glass being used are all important matters to keep in mind. Using the incorrect type of glass in certain situations could be against the local building codes, and there can be safety concerns.

Professionals at Scott Albin Glass Services can help you make the right choices when it comes to glass replacement. We can replace only one glass in a window or do a complete change over of the existing glass for your business. Call us for your free, no obligation estimate today, or simply submit a request a quote. We service the Reading, Allentown and Pottstown areas.

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